This question is by far the most asked question. Unfortunately there is no simple answer due to the combinations of scopes, eyepieces, camera and lenses. The DIGIDAPTER™ will work with most any camera that is "digiscoping compatible. That means if optically the camera and scope work together it will likely fit on the DIGIDAPTER. Watch this informative video to make the determination of compatibility.

Some rules that are standard:

Point and Shoot Cameras should be 5X or less OPTICAL zoom
Micro 4/3 and other changeable lens cameras achieve best results with a PRIME (non-zoom) lens somewhere in the 20-50mm size. Typically 20-30mm is ideal on most scopes

Before purchasing a DIGIDAPTER please confirm your camera does not exceed the maximum dimensions listed below

All models (Except Swarovski X)
“A “ Maximum overall length is about 3.250” or (3.875 w/optional table extender)
“B” Lens Diameter maximum is 2.590”

Swarovski X Series Scopes
“A” Maximum overall length is 2.650” or (3.275 w/optional table extender) 
“B” Lens Diameter is UNLIMITED
Camera Measurements