(for custom DIGIDAPTER's)

The best way, and the most economical way I have found to ship your eyepiece is via US Postal Service Priority Mail.  It will arrive in 3 days or less for about $7.00 and gives you delivery confirmation and a little insurance ($50.00).  Please REQUIRE A SIGNATURE for delivery!

Roll your eyepiece numerous turns in bubble wrap or padding until it fits firmly in a small box and padded on all sides.   The USPS 7x7x6 mailing box, available at your Post office (or order on-line for free) is perfect and free.  If you use a box larger than 12” you pay a higher rate.  Don’t let the Post Office employee give you a large or “flat rate” box, it will cost you more to ship.

Regardless of the boxing I always recommend the “10 foot drop packing”.  If you feel it would not be damaged when dropped 10 feet, it is typically safe to ship.

Ship to:

Paul Sayegh
1661 Two Eagle Ln
El Dorado Hills CA  95762