DIGIDAPTER Testimonials and Reviews

Tara Tanaka, two-time winner of Swarovski’s “Digiscoper of the Year” contest
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“I’ve been using Digidapters exclusively now for over a year, and can’t say enough good things about them, and about the service that Paul provides. I loved how well-made and strong the Digidapter was as soon as I opened the first box, but have really come to appreciate some unique features of this adapter. I was at Bosque del Apache NWR last fall, and many of the photo opportunities were only possible by shooting from the car. I took my scope off the tripod, and balanced it on the door frame. Shooting this way, it was necessary to constantly adjust the camera on the scope in order to level the camera with the ground. With the plastic, proprietary adapter I had been using before I got the DIGIDAPTER, it was either locked or unlocked – it was not possible to loosen it slightly. With the DIGIDAPTER, I was able to slightly loosen the set screw and then I was able to quickly and easily rotate it so that every shot was level. Over 99.99% of the time I’m shooting from a tripod, and using this same method I am able to quickly rotate the camera from landscape to portrait, as well as make quick, on-the-fly leveling tweaks.
I used to feel that I had to put my plastic adapter in my carry-on when I flew, but with the DIGIDAPTER I would challenge any baggage handler to damage it. Having your only adapter break at any time means you won’t be digiscoping until it’s fixed (if possible) or replaced; on a trip it could mean the end to all digiscoping. I do carry a tiny Ziploc with extra hardware, but I no long feel the need to carry a bulky, spare adapter with me. If I didn’t often shoot with two scopes at the same time I would only have one.
Although there have been strong metal “DCA-style” adapters in the past, they attached the camera to the scope’s eyepiece via the filter threads on the camera’s lens – hanging the weight of the camera off the front of the camera’s lens – not what the lens manufacturer had in mind. Although Paul has responded to requests by a group of his customers who still prefer this type of attachment method by also creating the DLM “direct lens mount” model, I shoot with the Panasonic GH4, and with the weight of this camera I am thrilled to have an adapter that not only supports its weight from underneath, using the tripod screw as it was designed, but that it is made from solid aluminum, and will last me a lifetime.
When I make a purchase, I always try to do a little research on the seller, especially if I think I may ever need customer service on the product. Paul has established himself as a provider of exemplary customer service. What you get is not just ‘service beyond the sale,’ but service before the sale. He will work with you to make sure that what you’re getting is what you need, and has set up his shop to be able to custom-machine adapters for virtually any scope eyepiece. He responds to emails extremely quickly, and his turn-around time for standard and even custom orders is quite amazing. The typical business model we are used to involves large corporations who spend long periods in R&D, and are then locked into their designs for years. Paul is not only a great listener and inspired mechanical designer who truly understands what his customers need, but is able to quickly adjust existing designs or create new ones as he sees the demand.”

Stephan Ingraham, Carl Zeiss Birding and Observation Product Specialist:

“the fastest, easiest way to take pictures through your DiaScope”  “Easy to setup and repeats itself time after time”

Robert Wilson, Kowa Field Representative CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE
“I stumbled on to Digiscoping 2 years ago after a 30 year career as a still photographer for Lockheed Martin. I struggled with Digiscoping the first year until I started using the DIGIDAPTER.
The DIGIDAPTER's ease of use and simplicity of the design now makes Digiscoping my preferred method of photographing wildlife. It was the missing link that ensures quality images as a digiscoper. 

Rob Knight, Panasonic Lumix Luminary
I found that using the DIGIDAPTER and 20mm lens gave me 2-stops more light at the widest zoom setting. That is the difference in shooting at 1/250sec and 1/1000sec, or shooting at ISO800 instead of ISO3200. That is a significant difference!

Roy Halpin, Master Digiscoper:  CLICK HERE TO READ REVIEW
"Overall, it is solid and functional, easy to use, returns to the same position with each mounting. No binding, pieces glide together, no effort. Precision and effortless in use, protecting the camera and eyepiece from stress damage. No adapter that I have seen mounts the camera and has it ready to shoot faster, safer and with more precision.  The Digidapter is the best I have seen”

Jerry Jourdan, Bird Photographer:  CLICK HERE TO READ REVIEW
“Paul has gone to great lengths to design and machine a beautiful, lightweight digiscoping adapter.  Initial results have me HOOKED on both the new eyepiece and Digidapter™!”   “top-of-the-line digiscoping rig that should be fast, functional, and versatile in the field” CLICK HERE TO READ JERRY’S SECOND REVIEW

Danny Porter, Danny’s Digiscoping  CLICK HERE TO READ REVIEW
“I I recommend anyone to try the Digidapter if you are serious about digiscoping”

Angie Luzader, Angies Winged Ones/Bird Art:
"The years of searching for a  precision made adapter suited for my digiscoping needs is over. The fit and ease of using the Digidapter™ really builds my confidence in snapping perfectly aligned sharp images with almost any point n shoot cameras. This digidapter was a long time coming for me and I am most grateful to have it. Thank you, Paul!"

Glenn Kincaid, Digiscoping Enthusiast
“The Digidapter has a simple, robust and elegant design that provides a rock-solid platform for the camera.  It is easy to install and I have not needed to adjust it once, unlike the previous adapters I have used.  The ability to instantly return the camera to the proper location is a huge plus.  Since using the Digidapter my shooting efficiency and success rate have both improved.  I would highly recommend the Digidapter!”

Tom Berriman, Audubon Chapter President, Birder  & Digiscoping photographer
“I have been trying out Paul's Digidapter for the last couple days and this is a quality made device. Right now it supports the Nikon D7000 and D800 when I use Voightlander's 28mm & 40mm 'pancake' lenses. Paul is currently working on a new spacer for the Digidapter so DSLR's with 50mm lenses will work also. The weight of a full sensor DSLR camera has no problem being supported by the metal platform and construction of the Digidapter in the least. While I have not ruined any lenses by hanging them from the DCA or my homemade adapter (yet) many of you have mentioned that failure. The Digidapter solves this problem.

Ed Ranger, Experienced Digiscoper
“Just wanted to let you know that I received the Digidapter today and I am very, very pleased with this adapter. I used micrometer calipers to set it up and feel comfortable that the eyepiece and my camera lens are parallel, I was never confident about that with any other adapter I've ever used! Thanks for taking the time to design and build a very fine tool, I wish you all the success with this product. In this world of quantity over quality it's nice to know that the old standards are still practiced by some”

George and Judy Ireland, Birding Enthusiasts:
“Paul, we are SO HAPPY with your 'Digidapter'! Cozy in our cottage at the lake edge we photograph a wonderful variety of ducks at the ice edge, all busy eating, swimming, coming and going !!

William Presho, Birding Enthusiast
”Hello Paul,
Received the adapter this afternoon. Took about 5 minutes to install it. Really very happy with it, beats them high priced adapters that I have. So easy to put the adapter on an off the scope. Especially like the ability to reinstall the camera in the exact spot when I have to remove it for battery change and SD card removal. Thanks for a well made product. Thanks again”