The DIGIDAPTER is made in the USA and endorsed by the best digiscopers in the world as well as major scope manufacturers including ZEISS, Kowa and Celestron.

Digiscoping is a challenging way of taking photos using a spotting scope with tremendous zoom capabilities. On average you are dealing with the equivalent of a 1000-2000mm lens. These high magnifications are difficult to deal with and impossible to get good photos with a sloppy fitting adapter. The slightest movement, flex of any kind, inconsistent mounting or hinged designs will prevent you from getting a sharp image. No adapter on the market solves these issues except the DIGIDAPTER. Quality is first!

Our owner-operated company means you deal with someone who cares about you
and your complete satisfaction. We take pride in our customer service reputation!

Low overhead, keeps the DIGIDAPTER the best value on the market.

Digiscopers are typically wildlife photographers and that means speed is of the essence. Nothing is worse than seeing a bird or game and then missing the shot. Once set up the first time, the DIGIDAPTER can slide on the scope and the picture taken instantly! Rotating from landscape to portrait is effortless. No fiddling, no adjusting, no sloppy arms that swing down and latch and bump your alignment. By making the DIGIDAPTER out of
solid aircraft quality aluminum, precision clearances can be maintained far better than any other adapter.

If you change cameras, the DIGIDAPTER still works! If you change scopes, only the inner ring needs to be changed

* You get to use the camera lens of your choice for the way YOU shoot!

* Universal mounting allows most point and shoot cameras with 6x zoom or less and most Mirrorless cameras

* Many DSLR’s fit with short lenses (Swarovski models)

* Perfect, consistent and repeatable alignment over the metal eyepiece, not the rubber eyecup

* Inner/outer precision fit eliminates inconsistent camera mounting, vignetting and blurred pictures

* Anodized for a lasting finish and reflection reduction (inner ring is hard anodized)

* Save thousands of dollars over high priced camera lenses


*Why pay more for plastic?
*Plastic flexes, breaks and won't maintain position.
*Unnecessary and cumbersome mechanisms don’t repeat accurately
*They typically won't repeat the alignment once the camera is removed
*Most require force to install the adapter on the eyepiece which moves your scope off focus

*Some mount to the rubber eyecup which NEVER repeats accurately
*Expensive and made of plastic that flexes and prone to breaking if dropped
*Swing adapters add more slop, inaccuracy and setup problems and move the scope when they "latch"
*Some require expensive multiple pieces for every camera used
*You may have to use their brand camera, not yours
*Most have no platform to mount a remote shutter release 
*Some adapters require a glued on adapter ring voiding your camera warranty


Phone adapters are fine if you want "documentation photos" If you want quality, beautiful photos you need a better quality sensor, higher ISO capabilities and faster shutter speeds. To see actual photos using a DIGIDAPTER and a quality camera