Free Worldwide Shipping

All DIGIDAPTER™ models are shipped worldwide for free!

Accessories are also shipped free only if purchased and shipped with your DIGIDAPTER™

USA customers will receive their DIGIDAPTER™ via Priority Mail, typically in 2-3 days from payment


1. To date, DIGIDAPTER™ has never had a delivery problem to a customer. However, the local Postal Service integrity in each country varies. For this reason,international shipping is considered complete when customs in the receiving country has received your DIGIDAPTER™. Unless DIGIDAPTER™ has mis-labeled the package, delivery past customs is the purchasers responsibility. Additional insurance can be purchased upon request

2. Some countries may charge VAT and customs fees that vary from country to country. These fees are the responsibility of the purchaser.

3. Some countries, (notably Germany) may require you to bring a Paypal payment copy with you confirming purchase price when you pick up your DIGIDAPTER™

Depending on the country, Priority Mail or First Class Mail may be used and delivery times vary.

Typical international delivers is about 10 days but can vary due to customs processing.

Thank you for choosing DIGIDAPTER™

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